Training & Development

I provide carefully designed training to riders and their horses and ponies. Based on a proven and adaptable riding system, I help prepare horses and riders wishing to do anything from going for 4* competitions to doing their first dressage event.

We work as a training partnership and everyone leaves with new tips, techniques & areas to work on.

Using the wonderful location and facilities, we offer a range of tailor-made, training programmes:

Individual lessons and group clinics

"Junior Jockeys"

Horse preparation, rider fitness and nutrition

Overnight packages



Training is aimed at both the rider and horse. Combined with the system, we use traditional methods of horse fitness. 


It is so important to get horses muscle tone correct by proper training and work. We do this by taking into consideration the time the horse needs to develop because every horse develops and matures differently. We don't use quick-fix training methods.


Individual Lessons

I will understand what you want to achieve, and then plan a personalised, bespoke training programme for you.


If I had to pick three words to describe your 1-2-1 lessons they would be:


Challenging, honest & practical

Group Clinics

Come as a group for 1 or 2 days and immerse yourselves into the full learning experience, having fun with your horses as you develop your dressage and jumping skills.


Example clinic formats include: Dressage training: Explain the System and carry through into riding a dressage test which the pupil wishes to work on. Next session will focus on grid work to improve riders position and horses technique to jump a course of jumps.
















Junior Jockeys

I host events for full range of younger riders.  Previuosly, I have helped pupils from as young as 6 or 7 to successfully progress through ponies up to horses.


I can advise on ponies, equipment and all areas of horsemanship.  These can be done as individual lessons for younger riders or small group lessons.


Horse Preparation Programme

Thorough fittening work will ensure your horse is competition ready and provide protection against injury.


I offer a programme specifically designed to get your horse fit and competition ready, by using the hills to carefully build serious fitness into your horse’s body and harden their legs.


Either leave your horse with me to ride, or I can supervise you, on carefully chosen rides (with panoramic views) designed to build sustainable fitness without cutting corners. 

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