"Horses are very special to me. I love working with horses and people and I have always derived real joy seeing partnerships develop to achieve their ambitions however small or big. Passion for horses and teaching has always been in my blood."

Laura Grice

My story

My family are everything to me. From the outset, my mother and father had absolute belief in me and gave me the support and encouragement to enable me to have the strength to push myself to top level competition. They were there every step of the way and Dad always insisted on being at the start box to wish me luck as I set off and was always at the finishing line to see me home.


I believe it is crucial that an ethos of training builds from a solid foundation so that you can work in a system with your horse that links the phases together: dressage, show-jumping and cross-country.





Inspirational influences throughout my equestrian life

I am fortunate to have benefited from some fantastic Influences on my equestrian life.

Christopher Bartle

Someone I count as both an inspiration and a friend. He has helped me in so many ways. Beyond his amazing system, he has enabled me to understand the intricacies of dressage and to truly relate to this discipline.

He has an exceptional understanding of and approach to horses, which he is very generous to share. And finally, I have learnt from his thoroughness of competition preparation and ability to keep a calm and focused competition mindset.

Caroline Pratt  

A very close friend who taught me so much. She is no longer with us having been killed at Burghley. I will always remember her and the amazing inspiration she was, and always will be, to me, through her endless encouragement which developed my real self–belief in myself, patience and understanding. She was truly hardworking and conscientious.

Rachel Bayliss 

A great early influence who shared her extensive experience to show me how to prepare for competitions by thorough and careful  fittening and training work. Lessons which benefit me to this very day as I now live on the very hills where we did so much of our fittening work and I retrace our steps every week! In addition, Rachel ran a great yard and I could observe at first hand how to effectively run a yard.

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