After having lessons from numerous instructors in Cheshire, we were very lucky to find Laura!

She has taught both me and my sister from a young age, helping us to progress from Pony Club to have both national and regional success. 


She radiates positivity and a ‘can-do’ attitude, always able to offer solutions to any difficulties that may arise.  

She is a perfectionist who has an outstanding eye and attention to detail for a horse’s way of going, able to recognise the most subtle of imperfections and offer a solution.


Laura is very patient and attentive, ensuring that both horse and riders understand the most basic of principles preventing future setbacks. As riders, Laura has given us the tools and techniques that we are then able to apply to any horse we ride, allowing us to get the best out of them.

With her consistent approach we have seen vast improvements in all of our horses, allowing us too to achieve much success in National School Championships and BE.


She has so much experience, in not only teaching but also competing and educating young horses, making Laura an inspirational role model that all riders should aspire to be like. 

Georgia Turner

My daughter Olivia, aged 15, had aspirations to compete at British Eventing on her horse. We realised that this was a next level step up from competing at local and show jumping events so we set out a clear plan and searched extensively for the right trainer who would assist Olivia in her learning & development. We tried several local trainers over a 12 month period but felt that something was lacking in their approach and application. We then focused our attention on the British Eventing Credited Instructors list and came across Laura Grice (formerly Fortune). Laura had competed all over the country and at Badminton so we knew that she had a lot of experience at the highest level. Laura has been teaching Olivia now for the past 12 months and we have really seen a significant amount of learning & development in both Olivia and her horse as she has progressed from BE 90 to BE 100 successfully. What stands out under Laura’s continued tuition is simply her mentoring & ability to identify with the needs of the rider and horse, her focus & dedication and how she expresses and communicates back to Olivia on the level of detail that is required at every training session. Laura is exceptionally professional and personable and we can’t recommend her high enough. Anyone who has serious aspirations of developing their horse riding abilities at any level shouldn’t hesitate to contact Laura Grice.

Mr N Windsor - Astbury, Cheshire


I have known Laura and her family for many years and in all that time I have never seen her anything but positive in her attitude to life and work. 
As a rider she has always had the highest level of tuition, always determined and brave. I watched her ride round Burghley at a time when the cross country jumps were a serious question and required the bravest of riders. There were no frangible pins in those days!
As a teacher she has taught my two grandchildren at the beginning of their eventing career, one of whom had a very green horse, and she has shown endless patience and flexibility in giving them the confidence to ride well and safely. She takes a real interest in her pupils, always wanting to know how they have performed if competing - even when she is on holiday! However, whether she is teaching young adults or pony club rallies she is still as positive and flexible - never shows any frustration or speaks a cross word. 
I cannot recommend her highly enough as a teacher who gives a huge commitment to her pupils and with the best of attitudes

Carol Quilliam - Moss House Farm, Mobberley


I have known Laura for more years than I care to remember, and I have to say that she is the perfect trainer for me. She has coached me on different horses that were totally different in ability and temperament and she has guided me to become a better rider and get the best I can from my horses.

My current event horse Summer has been our greatest achievement, a tricky character who I have had to build a trust with, but she is so very talented. Laura helped us both to our first ever International competition when I was in my 50th year…….

Laura’s method of teaching is very clear, she has a system which is designed to take you step by step to achieve your goals. She has a system which takes you from the first time on a XC course right through to the level of your dreams. She never over faces you, but she challenges you to realise what you are capable of. I have never left a lesson with Laura feeling that I could have been pushed more of feeling over faced and scared to go back again.

From the minute she starts your lesson she is 100% committed to you, she doesn’t take a phone call, send a text or get distracted in any way. She always discusses what we have been doing and then we agree a plan for the lesson ahead, I love this approach. Laura isn’t afraid to tell you when you get it wrong, but she is equally as quick to praise and celebrate with you when you get it right. I feel she gets as much satisfaction from our achievements as I do, she really cares.

Laura coaches me in Cross Country and Show Jumping, my Show Jumping is not my best phase as I get quite worried about strides especially when the fences are big and the pressure high. Laura gives me a system to work with and we practise this as much as possible. By keeping things simple it enables me to be calmer when I approach the Show Jumping phase, we have a way to go but I know with Laura’s help I will improve.

I would recommend Laura for all levels and all ages; she teaches groups at our riding club and everyone comes away with a big smile and a request for more lessons.

Laura now has her own facility at Cloud Cottage, the arena is brilliant and when I rode in it for the first time, I couldn’t believe how calm my horse Summer was, usually she is very spooky in new surroundings.

We couldn’t have achieved what we have without Laura’s help.

Thank you

Nicki and Summer - Calderdale

Nicki & Summer - Calderdale

I have been training with Laura for more than 15years and can not speak highly enough of her. She has a vast amount of experience from both competing and training at the very highest level of the sport. From this she has developed a system which means after every lesson you can take something away to work on at home and know that when you are at an event you have the system to work from. Failing that she is always at the end of the phone!! Laura is encouraging and always positive. She has helped me produce two young quirky horses over the years, one to badminton grassroots level and following on from that she advised me when buying my second youngster. With her help we are now at CCI3* and qualified 4* level which is something I could never have achieved without her help. Laura believes in you and supports your goals no matter what, I can not recommend her enough. 

Becca Vale

Laura has taught my 14 year old daughter and her 7 year old pony for 18 months. Her enthusiasm, clear and concise teaching notes and ability to be direct when needed have really help both of the progress and build in confidence in ther eventing. A wonderful  person, excellent facilities, would highly recommend her to all levels.

Melanie Wood

Laura has supported me through  good and bad times with my horses  and is invariably  genuine and kind. She is knowledgeable, reliable, consistent and positive; if you have a problem, she will find a solution. 

Her clear , consistent approach allows you to develop as a rider, gain in confidence, and learn to trust your own judgement.  She is always 100% behind you and I recommend her without reservation.

Louise Unwin

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